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On March 18th Jana and I decided to challenge each other to loose weight. I started out at 218 lbs. on a 6 ft frame. The goal is to get to 190 lbs by Labor Day, the first weekend in September.

On April 3rd I had a physical with a fasting blood test. The doctor said I was 222 lbs. (they weigh with clothes on) and the results of the test gave warning signs of diabetes. The week of my physical I quit pop cold turkey. I have had 12oz of Dr. Pepper since then, drinking only water with MiO or Lemon Lime Sparkling water. I also cut carbs way down, most of the changes started before I got the results of the test. They scheduled another test on April 11th to test A1C levels. The results for that came back 8, official diabetes levels. If you are unaware A1C is the 3 month glucose average. My doctor wants to retest in mid July to see if the changes I have made lowered that to normal levels. Before the diet change I had 40-60oz of pop a day. I figured on an average day I had 288 grams of carbs by lunch, which is way above the recommended daily intake. 27 days ago I joined Planet Fitness. I have exercised daily since then. I got an Apple Watch 2 years ago. Before these changes I completed the green ring about once a month, yet I now have a 24 day streak and have lost 9lbs. I hope these changes will mean I keep diabetes at bay. My energy level is more consistent throughout the day, and I know the food is healthier. However it is still hard to resist the fries and Coke. Though it is a whole new way of life, I believe that this path is the only way forward, given that my body won’t let me eat all the crap I ate when I was younger (lol). Thanks for your prayers on this journey.