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I have a long-standing desire to write and share what I have learned over my career in the computer industry. I was a web developer for over 20 years; spent a few years building computers and networks and have been transitioning to DevOps Engineer. I feel like someone can learn from my successes and failures.

I think there are 2 main reasons I have not written more over that time. One, I am self taught and think I have nothing to say that I did not learn from someone else, likely on the internet already. Two, spelling has always been hard for me, some think I have dyslexia. When I was in elementary school, they moved me to a special class for English to get extra help. I was in a special English class though high school graduation.

Over the last few months I have worked to get over the mental block and am making efforts to just write. Sean McCabe of SeanWes.com helped me understand that it takes seven times for someone to hear something and understand it. He also reminded me that everyone has a voice and unique perspective on things.

You are an expert to someone, even if you do not think so. There is someone just starting their journey and you have knowledge that will help them on the way.

To make my transition from consumer to creator I am starting with a purge and sort. I looked at my DEVONthink database and saw 1000 items in the inbox. Close to 2000 passwords in 1Password. 6GB of unsorted files from email and applications I installed in the past. And 2 cosets of stuff I have not sorted when we downsized for the move to New York City. All the clutter makes it hard for me to focus. Even though I do not see it, I know it is there.

I cleaned up DEVONthink and processed the 1000 items in about a week and have moved on to verifying still useful passwords. I can feel the weight lifting which is helping me clarify my thoughts. If you are looking for guidance on decluttering and adding focus, I recommend Digital Minimalism By Cal Newport